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Women with inflight vr headsets on VR lounge entertainment of Star Alliance

Star Alliance

+ Inflight VR

VR lounge entertainment in Star Alliance Gold lounges.

Logo of Star Alliance lounge in Rome

The Challenge

The operator of the Star Alliance premium lounges in Amsterdam, Paris and Rome were looking at ways to enhance the customer experience with an “outside the box” solution that is private and quiet enough not to disturb other guests.

Star Alliance lounge with inflight VR headsets

The Solution

Inflight VR provided 6 standalone VR headsets with a self-explanatory user interface and relaxing content to Star Alliance in each lounge who in turn offered the solution free of charge to the lounge guests.

Star Alliance worker with the inflight VR product

The Outcome

The average usage time per guest was over 44 minutes which is very high considering that the average guest spends 45 minutes in total in the lounge.

The system also worked flawlessly from an operations perspective giving the guests the desired experience add-on while not interfering with the daily processes and offerings in the lounges.

“Our lounges are an important part of the passenger journey. Star Alliance passengers come here to relax, work, recharge and get inspired. Inflight VR’s product supports us in our effort to provide that. It’s an incredibly innovative and easy to use solution to enhance our guests travel experience with a technology most of them haven’t been exposed to before.”

Star Alliance Lounge Paris

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