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Mission Critical


Enabling XR & the Metaverse in airplanes is crucial for big tech

XR & the Metaverse only work at scale if they are safe and readily accessible everywhere.


Aviation and the broader travel sector hold a significant and currently underrated relevance for XR & the Metaverse

  • 3.4 billion global passengers in 2022

  • 7.6% expected CAGR of passengers until 2026

  • 24k+ total commercial aircraft in 2023

    Data based on research of The World Bank, Statista, IATA, IDC, and own calculations

Every year, there are billions of passengers with idle time, perfectly positioned for XR/Metaverse engagement

  • 44% of Americans flew commercially in 2022

  • 2.5 hours average global flight duration

  • 8.5 billion total yearly air hours in 2022

    Data based on research of Ipsos, Statista, ReserachGate, and own calculations