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Specialized Aviation Rules


Airplane cabins operate under unique regulations

Without safeguards, XR/Metaverse engagement on airplanes will be heavily scrutinised & could eventually be banned by regulators.


Regulatory complexity

  • Country & region-specific civil aviation authorities such as FAA or EASA are regulating airlines

  • International aviation safety bodies such as IATA or ICAO give input and can set industry standards

  • Unrestricted access to XR & the Metaverse at scale is not possible in an airplane cabin

Finite physical space

  • Up to 800 passengers crammed into a flying metal tube with no way to escape

  • Internet/connectivity bandwidth restrictions are real and the aircraft infrastructure is the only available gateway

  • Overlapping of multiple signals and networks (e.g., Bluetooth) as further restriction

Safety-first approach

  • Airlines are optimizing all processes on board with safety in mind

  • Special considerations on factors that could delay emergency procedures

  • Better “safe than sorry” mindset is prevailing in industry for a good reason

Technology lagging behind

  • For those reasons, airline-provided technology typically lags 5-10 years behind

  • Passenger-owned devices can be banned (for instance the Galaxy Note 7 ban)

  • Passenger-owned XR/Metaverse devices at scale need to be safety-enabled through Inflight VR IP