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Meet the future of IFE

We have built the only VR content platform ensuring safe & consumable VR content while being on board of an aircraft - approved by authorities.

Together with our partners, we make VR experiences inflight ready and offer airlines an entirely new form of inflight entertainment.


the problem

The aircraft cabin is a very delicate environment.
Without a thought-through solution, using VR on board inevitably causes problems for passengers and airlines alike:

Space restrictions

Too much and too fast movement bothers seat neighbours.

Full immersiveness

When eyes and ears are in an entirely different world, situational awareness and potential emergency situations are not recognizable.

Motion sickness

Wrong and not-optimized VR experiences can cause severe nausea.

the solution

How the platform works

to the aircraft server

We are enabled to stream and distribute content as well as passenger announcements through the local aircraft server.

Cabin Management System (CMS)

The cabin crew can interact with all immersed passengers at any time for the safety of everyone on board.

with seat space in mind

The user interface and the content are adapted to the requirements of the respective aircraft cabin.

inflight-safe VR content

Our SDK adapts externally developed VR content and makes it ready for on board consumption.

only, no hardware hassle

The platform can be seamlessly integrated into existing WIFI-enabled inflight entertainment systems and is hardware agnostic.

to track user behaviour

Passenger behaviour and insights, which are automatically generated and analysed, can help you optimise your offering.


Along the value chain

Customisation & Testing

Hardware Configuration & Logistics

VR IFE & Content Management System

Maintenance & Updates

Data Analytics

Approved by authorities.

Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from the Inflight VR IFE system.

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